Kiddery Bella Baby Mosquito Net with Face Cover| 0-8 Months

Product Summary

kiddery bella mosquito net
Baby Mosquito Net with Face Cover
Best suitable for 0-8 months old baby
Available in Bella+Baloo – Pink color

₹6,999.00 ₹4,466.00

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Product Description

New born baby bed Mosquito Net with Face Cover online shopping

Swing Action Fame with Lock

The bassinet features a swinging frame, that rocks the babies to sleep. It comes with a position lock that provides stable support. This enables parents to trolley their little ones without disturbing their sleep.

Best quality Mosquito Net with Face Cover for new baby

The bed has an easy pull mosquito net with fine mesh, that keeps the little ones safeguarded from insects and bugs. The face cover prevents direct contact of light to help the babies sleep peacefully during the day.

Omni-Directional Wheels and Basket

This baby bassinet comes with four free moving wheels that offer easy maneuverability. There is a basket at the bottom for storing the baby’s essentials. The wheels can be locked to keep the bed in position when the caretaker is not around.

Detachable Basket

The bassinet features a detachable basket with side handles, that make it easily portable. This cushioned basket can be used to carry your new born while he/she is sleeping peacefully.

Washable Fabric

This baby bassinet comes with a washable fabric that helps in maintaining hygiene. The fabric is super soft, and it is extremely gentle against the baby’s delicate skin. It keeps the baby dry and active while sleeping.

Robust Frame with Appealing Side Covers

The bassinet has a robust metal frame that provides excellent support to the structure. It has appealing printed covers at the sides. These covers enhance the look of the bassinet.

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